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Jun 6, 2012
Category: General
Posted by: sboone

Helen Barrett Montgomerty School # 50, located at 301 Seneca Ave is getting a significant upgrade.

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Our Mission

Group 14621 Community Association’s mission is to advocate for and to engage our community members in collective efforts to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. By so doing we enhance education, employment, housing and recreation opportunities for residents and foster personal responsibility.
Adopted by Group 14621 by Board of Directors; September 2012.

Group 14621 Community Association, A Subsidiary of North East Area Development, Inc./NEAD, located at 360 Webster Ave, Rochester, NY 14609

Meet our Board of Directors
Regina Seabrook-President
Theresa Lou Bowick-Vice President, Vera Crumpler-Secretary, Charles S. Burden-Treasurer and Business Rep.- E.I. Dupont

Board Members: Wanda Martinez; Vera Crumpler; Tomasa Molina
Our Jurisdiction is:
E. Ridge Road (104) up and to south side of Long Acre Rd. to the North; Clifford Avenue to the South; N. Goodman Street to the East and St. Paul Street (Genesee River) to the West. (Region breakdown as follows: East-between N. Goodman Street and Carter Street; Central-between Carter Street and Joseph Avenue; and West-between Joseph Avenue and St. Paul Street/Genesee River)
Office Public Service Hours:
Mon,Tues,Thurs 10 AM - 4 PM.  Wed 11 AM- 4PM.  Closed on Friday; Closed weekends and holidays.
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2011 Year Crime Stats, Rochester, NY- Chief Sheppard recently held a released the 2011 Crime Stats. Click on title to review report.

"Learn More About Revitalization of the 14621 Neighborhood".